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What is an Appraisal?
Key Definitions

William Yetke Real Estate Consultants & Appraisers is a long established appraisal firm that has provided clients with real estate valuation services since 1980.  Appraisal assignments have been completed for all types of real estate including commercial, multi-family, office, retail, industrial, shopping center, vacant land, special purpose and institutional properties. 

Our clients have used our services for:

v  Investment decisions

v  Financing & refinancing

v  Estate planning

v  Tax appeal

v  Litigation (contract settlement, divorce, eminent domain, environmental)

v  Appraisal review

v  Portfolio allocation

v  Risk analysis

v  Lease negotiations

We have provided services to a range of clients, including investors, individuals, lenders, businesses, federal, state, county and local governments & agencies, non-profit organizations, institutions, lawyers and real estate professionals. 

The type of value sought of most appraisal assignments is market value but many assignments have been done for estimation of rental value. Ownership interests appraised include fee simple ownership, leased fee and leasehold interests, easements, and partial interest. 

Geographically, the firm's primary area of focus is the Philadelphia metropolitan area, but appraisal assignments have been completed throughout United States. 
Home Property Types Our Clients The Team Contact Us (215-546-3241)